Plastic – Glass – Metal – Newspaper/Cardboard

Plastic - #1-6 soft plastic household bottles or jars and other plastic containers

How to prepare – remove and discard lids, rinse and flatten if possible

Do not recycle – plastic bags, or containers used for motor oil, automotive products, paint, solvents, lawn care products and chemicals.

Glass – Juice, pop, water, beer/wine bottles, food jars.

How to prepare – remove and discard lids, rinse well to remove food residue.

Do not recycle – drinking glasses, dishes, mirrors or broken glass, light bulbs.

Metal – Tin food cans, aluminum & steel beverage cans, aluminum foil and pie pans,
aerosol spray cans.

How to prepare – remove and discard lids, rinse cans to remove all food residue.
Remove labels from tin cans.

Do not recycle – cans used for chemicals or paints, appliances, power tools, batteries, hangers.

Newspaper/Cardboard – all newspapers, drink boxes, milk & juice cartons, food boxes
(remove lines in boxes), junk mail, magazines, other papers.

How to prepare – place papers in a paper bag or in the bottom of your recycling container
to prevent papers from blowing out.

Do not recycle – books, beverage cartons (soft drink & beer cases), phone books